Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Road to South - Part 2

I hope you didn't think my story was over-- there's much more to go. So here's part 2!

When we woke up, there were students walking all around us looking at the tent and wondering who in the world had pitched a tent in the middle of their campus. It was awkward to get out of the tent and see these people stare at you, especially when you are not expecting people to be there, and especially when you are not fully clothed.
Our next goal was to find a bathroom and a shower on the campus somewhere. This is a funny story. After we put the tent away, I went into their fitness center to see if I could use the showers but they wouldn’t let me. While I was doing this, Dave, Justin, and Steven were looking for a shower. They found (and showed me later) a room that had a paper taped to the middle of it so people could see. It read: “Temporary Woman’s Locker Room.” I figured I could go without a shower so I went up some stairs to a different gym and found some public restrooms where I could brush my teeth and wash my face. They all stayed downstairs. When I finished washing up, I came back down to find them but they were gone. And then I notice another thing was gone: the sign on the door that said “Temporary Woman’s Locker Room.” I thought to myself No they couldn’t have. I cracked open the door and heard a shower going. I yelled “Dave?” I saw his head peek out from behind the shower wall. I started laughing when I realized that Steven, Justin, and Dave were all showering in the room. I was envious, so I figured I’d join them.
When we were done we started to get dressed. I was clothed, but Steven, who was trying to dry off in with a hand towel, was not. We were inches from successfully pulling it off when the door opened. I prayed.
In walked to older men. One was a big black man. I think we were all scared of him because we didn’t say anything. They paused, as if they were surprised to see us in the room, and then said, “Is your water out too?”
I looked at Justin and then at Dave, then back at the man. “Yeah. It’s been out all morning.”
The man exhaled. “So has ours,” he paused and looked at Steven, who was awkwardly trying to stay decent with his hand towel. The look on the man’s face was priceless. It was a look of pity. Finally, he said, “You need a towel?”
Steven thanked the man for the towel and got dressed. We got out of there as soon as possible after that.
We packed up the tent quickly and got out of there before security could take us down. We needed to find the Road to South, and we did. We got back on the 5 and kept going.

The story is NOT over, there is still one last segment. Tune in tomorrow for the final piece!

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