Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Have I been forgetting to Put titles up here?

Today there was a little bit of a scare. My sister called me and I could tell by her voice that she was fighting off tears and she told me that something was wrong with baby Tae's heartbeat and she was scared and she was being transferred from the place where she does her usual checkup to an actual hospital. So, I went over to see her (which, by the way, was a huge hassel because I had no idea that she had been transferred. I felt like Woodward and Bernstein) and she was laying in a hospital bed with straps around her belly holding things that somehow meaured Tae's heartbeat. The nurse eventually came in and said that she was 99.9% sure that everything would be fine, and that this was just a precautionary procedure. I called my parents, who were out camping near Point Mugu, and they packed up and left to come home to see her. Natalia was embarrassed for making a big deal out of something that turned out to be very small, but it's normal for those kind of things to happen to first timers, I assume. I stayed there for about 45 minutes and Jessica came in and talked to her, and then finally my parents made it. Everything was fine when I left.

It kind of made me think of what kind of husband I'm going to be. If I'm around I'm going to be pretty on top of things. I'll be making sure nurses are around and that everything is under control. A couple of times when we were in the room, a beep would go off signaling that Tae's Beats Per Minute were very low. The beeping would keep going on and there would be no nurse or any one to do anything about it. If my wife were laying on that bed and my son's heart wasn't beating like it should, I wouldn't let anything go unnoticed, nor would I let a beeping go unchecked. I'd get that nurse in there to make sure that it's okay every time I felt like it. Who cares if I'm being irrational.

Anyway, that was the big event of the day. That and how I set up a couple arrangements to pick up fish tanks on Craigslist. I'm gonna be picking up a 55 gallon with a stand, 2 filters, a pump, a light, and with gravel. I was pretty pumped about that. All I did was put a post up saying: "i want a FISH TANK" and I got two phone calls and two emails from people ready to sell their tanks. Sweet, I know. I was supposed to go pick those aquariums up but I called the guy and he said that he couldn't do it now-- he lives on a Navy Base or something like that and it'd be a big hassle to get me on base. So I'm gonna wait till next weekend or something so I could do it with Ashley.

I'm very hungry now. I'm gonna go eat a beef pot pie. THey are GOOD.
signing off-- this is eric durso

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