Monday, March 19, 2007


I haven 't figured out how to see if people are actually reading my blog, or if they have left a comment how to read it, but I've heard that I've got a reader. I got one, baby. I'm not sure if this is going to be a one time deal, where he was just surfing along and found my blog, but now that I've got someone that I can call my "readership" I feel somewhat established.
So, now that I have my readership I feel like I need to do something that will cause readers to want to come back for more. Like, I was thinking maybe I could write some continuing story and every time I sit down to write in my blog it could be a little thing about me and my day and then a little bit of a story. Or maybe I could make my blogs completely fiction, like a fictional journal entry that ends up being some sweet story. Anyway, the point is that I want to satisfy my readership. Yes, that's you Penn, as far as I know.

So sorry I missed a couple days. It was Spring Break and I was busy doing fun things. Hopefully now that I'm at school I will develop a more consistent blogging habit. I keep writing because I want this blog to kind of come into its own theme, but nothing is arising-- I have no pressing topic to discuss.

Perhaps therein is my solution. How come I rarely have something to talk about? Is it my lack of creativity or my inability to put my opinions into words? Whatever it is, I think that by writing daily I will engender in myself a higher ability to articulate my thoughts and opinions and write them with effective rhetoric value. Flannery O'Connor said she owes her desk 2 hours a day. That meant that every day of her adult life she wrote for at least two hours. Now, the stranger thing is to realize that they didn't have computers when she wrote her stories. She would sit down at her desk, get out a pen and start writing. Two hours of that! That's just too much man. My hand would start to hurt and I'd put down my pen and start thinking about how sick Amare's bash last night was. That's the darn problem with a society these days. We're bombarded by so much entertainment it becomes the center of all our meanderings. Where people of the 18th century would meander on the latest Shakespeare they read-- simply because it was what they had been entertaining themselves with it--we dwell on who was voted out on last week's American Idol. Entertainment of the 18th century is now homework for the modern college student. Now, we're getting to the point where we study movies (Film History I&II). Fifty years from now I can see one of my peers as a professor in college teaching the art of crashing weddings. I've heard it said before, and I'll say it now: WE'RE ENTERTAINING OURSELVES TO DEATH!

--two coins--ERIC DURSO


Drew Pen said...

Nice job durso on the keeping the readership's attention. Plus a story, so riviting and entertaining it could bring a football stadium to a hush, takes your blog on to another level. I would say though, that it is necessary that you have to write something everday. Just writing to write or speaking just to hear your own voice doesn't necisarilly service society much. Not to say that what you have written isn't good, but don't just write at the sacrfice of true emotion and intelect spilling into your audience. Hope things go well for your sister.

Happy said...

Durso, count me in as one more reader in your readership. As a fellow Print Media major, I have enjoyed seeing my thoughts come out of the mind and fingertips of one of my friends. I mean, I completely and utterly agree with all of what you're saying. Now I want you to do a post about Dr. Simons. That would be b blast!

Happy said...

What I meant by "b blast" was "a blast." Idiot.