Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Books Goals '08

I just finished reading "Out of Africa," a book written by Isak Dinesen (aka Karen Blixen). It's the first of my 2008 book list.
As I mentioned before, I am setting a goal. I want to read 25 books in 2008. It's really not a super ambitious goal, but it's a start. It comes out to two books a month, which means I am already behind. I have a whole plethora of books that are just begging to be read by me once school is over-- some C.S. Lewis in there, some Randy Alcorn, and even some Michael Crichton. I'll be keeping you updated as I finish the books.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Future

I am in a portal.
It's called "The Last Semester of My Senior Year."
This portal will take me into a new world. As Morpheus would say, "Welcome to the land of the real." That's where I'm headed.
What I'm saying is that my life is going to change drastically in the next six months. For one, I'm getting married in June. I can't wait; I know that it's going to be a big blessing in my life. It is still, however, a step into the unknown-- simply because of the fact that I've never done it before.
I've never really had a serious job-- my job has always been basketball and school. Once basketball is over I'm going to have to get a job that has an income. I am going to have to pay bills. These are things I've never done before. They are on my mind often.
I'm in a strange place in my life. It's life I have a brief outline of what I want to be doing with the next few years of my life but only God knows the actual story. I'm just one of his characters that he's developing. It can be a scary place, but it's good. It's like being led through the darkness by a hand and a voice that you trust more than anything in the world. It really gets scary when I stop listening to His voice and pull my hand from His.
I can't wait to see where I end up. I'll keep you posted-- that is, if you keep reading my blog.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy and Inspired

The title of this blog is a lame pun, so let me explain.
The fact that I had created and effectively sustained a blog for some time last year randomly came back to my mind today as I was checking my email. I decided I'd log in for some reminicsing of the good ol' days when I used to blog nearly every day about the interests in my life. I have something like five people on my blogroll, one of them being Happy Gilmore's consistent, up-to-date blog titled "The Happy Couple." I decided to stop by for a read.

The article with the big list of books caught my eye. It turned out to be a list of the 47 books he read over 2007. Although he failed in accomplishing his goal of 50 books, he succeeded in inspiring me to make a similar goal. Not only that, but also to keep up with my blogging.

Happy, thanks for inspiring me.

I'm back.