Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I've decided that I need to write something every day. That, and I need to read something every day. Not just textbooks or assigned reading for school, but something outside of my cirriculum. Reading strengthens the mind; it enables it to think because reading is a thinking task. Television is a passive activity-- one can actually not doing any amount of thinking. We are a culture that likes to "turn off your mind relax and float downstream."
I want to do things from now on that excerise the mind. Read. Write. Make music. Listen to classical music and actually study it.
This is why I am against i-pods. Our generation has discovered a new dimension: "i-pod land" is what I call it. It's a dimension that tunes out all natural sounds of beauty and isolates oneself from any normal kind of passerby communication. No more "Hello, what a beautiful day, huh?" Now, if you have any free time to walk from one class to another you have to do one of two things: talk on your cell phone or get lost in a magical world where you don't to acknowledge anyone else's existence and you can avoid having to think about the real world. I-pods are another contributing factor to this Isolationism Movement. Nowadays, you can do whatever you want without leaving your Mac.
Keep your mind turned on. Read a short story. Take those earbuds out of your ears.


Andrew said...

i-pod land, huh? Pretty nifty, creating your own philisophical classifications for societal tendancies. Plus, might I add, if anyone wants to follow durso's lead and read a short story, i've got a great one to start: Ray Bradbury - A Sound of Thunder. It's a good one to start with plus they did a Simpson's twist on it, so that's even better. Keep up the intelligence, Durs. And the A and the C

Anonymous said...

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