Monday, November 3, 2008

Thoughts of an Inexperienced Youth Pastor Pt. 3

So truth be told I am struggling with the disappointment that comes from having a small youth group. There are so many reasons this shouldn't really phase me, and I know all the reasons. The simple truth is that sometimes it's just hard!
I'm not a numbers guy when it comes to youth group. I don't really count how many kids are there, I'm more focused on spirit caused epiphanies and those words: "O now I get it!" Sometimes, I just wish the youth group was bigger. Is that wrong? In a moment of weakness I googled "how to grow your youth group" and one of the first ones on the list was this. It really seemed to refresh me, even though it's kinda corny. I believe (and I constantly have to remind myself of this one) that the most important part of youth ministry (or any ministry for that matter) is being filled with the Spirit. Another little thing that helps is remembering that God is working, even though you may not see numerical increase...

But I still want a bigger youth group!!!


Chris McKinny said...

Funny article. I understand what your going through - if not directly at least indirectly. My Grandfather has labored faithfully for the last 25 years and has had very little numerical increase. And though he wants more people to come he does not sacrifice depth for breadth.
Keep preaching and living - you're in a position where you can mentor kids deeper than you could if there were more of them.
Thanks for your thoughts - its good to here someone who longs for the spiritual blessing of others.

Andy Smith said...

i like the eleven steps to get a large youthgroup..very funny