Friday, November 21, 2008

Holidays are Here

So, the holidays are here. Can you believe it? They always come so fast. Here’s something that J.I. Packer wrote that has impacted me. And I think it’s timely.

We talk glibly of the” Christmas Spirit,” rarely meaning more by this than sentimental jollity on a family basis. But what we have said makes it clear that the phrase should in fact carry a tremendous weight of meaning. It ought to mean the reproducing in human lives of the temper of him who for our sakes became poor at the first Christmas. And the Christmas spirit ought to be the mark of every Christian all year round…The Christmas spirit does not shine out in the Christian snob. For the Christmas spirit is the spirit of those who, like their Master, live their whole lives on the principle of making themselves poor—spending and being spent—to enrich their fellow humans, giving time, trouble, care and concern, to do good to others—and not just their own friends—in whatever way there seems need.

As Christmas time gets nearer, let’s spread the Christmas cheer. And then, when it’s over, let’s do it again

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Let's make it all our New Years Resolution to share the Spirit of Christ with everyone we meet!