Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Walking Places

So I had this idea one time while I was walking. That idea was to video my feet as I walked. I did it for about five seconds. When I went back through my pictures and watched it, it all hit me. I wanted to video just seconds of all the places I go in my life. If you watch closely in this video you'll see a few things. You'll see me climbing Half Dome, you'll see me leaving my office in Fallbrook, you'll see me walking along the Big Sur coast, you'll even see me walking--graduating from college. Maybe to you these things will be boring, but to me each little video is a remnant of my life that I don't want to forget. And though the feet are ugly, they are the things that have carried me all this way.

1 comment:

Andrew P said...

nice work durso. sweet idea. those are some seriously lanky strides, though. I like the abby road walk as the final clip; it would only be appropriate.