Friday, September 12, 2008

Get Smart

So the other night Ashley and I went out and saw "Get Smart." Yes, I know that it's a little late for a review on this movie because it came out such a long time ago, but, if you want to get movie reviews from me, you're going to have to wait until it comes to the $3.25 theatre in Temecula because I ain't paying $20 for Ashley and I to sit for a couple hours and watch the big screen. So any movie I review will be late.

It was kind of funny. There were some parts that I laughed out loud, but it really wasn't all that hilarious. I love Steve Carrel, and I think the was the actor for the part, but I felt like the part was too much nerd and not enough klutz. When I watched the TV show when I was a kid (it was a family favorite) it was always so funny how Smart could botch up everything and still manage to accidentally win. In the movie he was a good fighter and had a brilliant memory--quite competent, in reality. In the show, he was altogether serious- but always messing up.

Okay that's enough trivia. I'm out.

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Andrew P said...

Durso. You should blog a comparison picture with Oates and mcain. If you don't, I will. Other than that, keep up the movie reviews.