Saturday, May 31, 2008

College Basketball and Christianity

The other night I got to play basketball. I haven't been able to play ball for some time now and I've been antsy to get out and do something active.

It reminded me that the Christian life is fun. It's hard too-- don't get me wrong-- but the fact that something is hard does not take away its "fun-ness".

The reason I was reminded of that is because I thought back to my first two years of college. Our basketball coach was insanely hard. I've never done anything harder in my entire life. But guess what? Those two years were probably the most fun I in with collegiate basketball experience. What made it fun? The people around me.

I think the Christian life is similar. There's something special about a group of likeminded people working hard together day in and day out for a cause. As believers, that's what we're doing! We are working through sin issues, fighting through addictions, overcoming adversity, practicing holiness. And even though we fail every day, we ARE IN IT TOGETHER! We bear each other's burdens. We pick each other up. We encourage and admonish and assist each other. We don't take ourselves too seriously because we're dead men! We laugh and whistle and tease because we are filled with the love God has filled us with.

It's a great thing to remember. It's much better than trying to do it alone, which many of us try to do quite often. We're not in this alone. Lean on me.

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Siona said...

you're right on man! this life in Christ is so much better with the body of Christ functioning together - that's what you get to show those high schoolers! praying for you man! you'll be an awesome youth pastor!